Adventure Awaits


About A.M.

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A.M. Morgen is the author of Inventors at No. 8 and The Inventors and the Lost Island. She comes from a long line of engineers and researchers but chose to pursue literature over the laboratory. To her family's surprise, she has managed to make a decent living as an editor with her English degree. In her spare time, A.M. enjoys taking long walks in the forest, trying out new hobbies (then abandoning them), and complaining about her mean cat. Despite what you may think, A.M. is not a morning person.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite color? Blue
What is your favorite food? Chocolate
What is your favorite book? Impossible choice!
What is your favorite sandwich? Tuna fish with potato chips
Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle? The purple one
Why is your cat so mean? According to the vet, that's just how his brain works
Why don't you get rid of your cat if he's so mean?  I've tried, but no one else will take him. Do you want him?