Adventure Awaits
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A Book is a Map to Your Imagination

Adventure Awaits


The Inventors at No. 8

Available May 8, 2018


Brimming with mystery and treasure, this action-packed tale sends a boy in need of luck and girl in need of a friend on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

Meet George, the third Lord of Devonshire and the unluckiest boy in London. Why is George so unlucky? First, he's an orphan. Second, unless he sells everything, he's about to lose his house. When his family's last heirloom, a priceless map to the Star of Victory (a gem said to bring its owner success in any battle) is stolen by a group of criminals, George knows that there is no one less lucky-or more alone-than he is.

That is until Ada Byron, the future Countess of Lovelace, bursts into his life. She promises to help George recover his family legacy, and is determined to find her own father along the way--all in a flying machine she built herself. Joined by a mischievous orangutan and the long-lost son of an infamous pirate, Ada and George take off on a cross-continent journey that will change their lives, and perhaps the world, forever.


Never in my life have I met a sillier person who wrote about sillier subjects. Outrageous!
— Lady Crumbsworth Farthing


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